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Spatial Technology Solutions (STS)- specializes in providing vehicle tracking system and solutions, based in the capital Manama, in the Kingdom of Bahrain. STS specializes in providing vehicle tracking services and solutions to both public and private sectors. We pride ourselves as being the oldest company in Bahrain that provides GPS and Vehicle tracking services. Our “SmarTrack” application system has evolved from what used to be a basic GPS car tracking software to a sophisticated, but still user-friendly, vehicle tracking and fleet management system, one that addresses the needs of fleet and car owners in various businesses. SmarTrack is versatile and can be used across the industry for many business activities that use or operate vehicles of any types:

  • Car tracking
  • Vehicle Fleet tracking and Management
  • Trucks and Heavy Equipment Tracking
  • Rental cars tracking and recovering  
  • School Bus Tracking

SmarTrack uses up-to-date maps prepared and updated by STS team, and can be customized as per customers’ needs and requirements. It can be also integrated with customers ERP systems, and with our smartphone-based job dispatch application “Smart-Dispatch”.

Dr. Abduljalil M. Zainal
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

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Products & Services

STS experienced staff will provide all the training necessary to both the control centre operators and the fleet crew in small groups. In addition to that, we will provide on-site technical assistance (whenever needed) for a period of one month after deployment. Read more