Frequently Asked Questions

No. It is a web-based application. You only need Internet access.

Yes. You can access SmarTrack and view your vehicles from your mobile handset as long as you have Internet service. Most common types of mobiles are supported (i.e. Android, I-Phone, MS).

Yes, there is a fixed monthly service charge to cover data SIM card, after-sales support services, onsite maintenance (when necessary), software and data updates, and customizations.


Yes, all operating cost and charges (including the data SIM) is included as part of the fixed monthly charges.

SmarTrack application is built in-house by STS. We can make changes and customizations based on customer request, subject to technical feasibility. There is no charge for customizations (for SmarTrack Pro customers).


SmarTrack uses STS map data which is produced and updated in-house by STS map specialists. This data contains road speed attributes and building address points (not found in standard Google maps used by other competitors). We also use Google map data as a secondary source.


Yes, our unique map data will allow you to search for and identify the location of any building address on the map and to track the vehicle going to the address.


Yes, we can install an optional driver ID system (with a unique driver tag for each driver) which will allow you to identify each driver who used the car. This can be done with, or without car relay/immobilizer (car will not start without it).

We have a special FMS solution which integrates with the Tracking device. This solution will provide accurate dash-board fuel consumption reading, in addition to engine temperature and other direct vehicle data, such as no of harsh breaks. These data are very accurate as they are not taken from the GPS tracking unit, but directly from the vehicle computer. However, there is an additional one-time cost for installation of this unit.

Yes, in most cases we can integrate through web services.


Between 30 to 40 minutes depending on vehicle type. Installation of additional accessories will need longer time.

Yes, we provide full onsite training and after sales support.