Integrated Hand-held Mobile Solutions

STS also provides hand-held data collection solution for field crews. This is particularly suited for organizations that employ field crews to visit customer sites (e.g. for emergency repair operations, delivery of goods, field inspection, etc…).  Many such large organizations are still using paper forms to collect data in the field. In this case, the forms have to be “brought” back to office for manual entry and processing. Obviously, such a system will be subject to delays and errors from manual data entry.

STS offers a wireless hand-held mobile technological solution which is based on Smartphone and Tablet PCs. The SmartTrack Hand-held running on a Smart phone/Tablet PC replaces pen and paper in the field. The System is easy to use with minimal training. Field workers enter the required data via the ‘smart forms’ customized for the hand-held devices from the client’s existing field paper form(s). Existing customer applications (running on Oracle or SQL) may be also directly integrated with this online solution. One of the main benefits of using Smart Phones and Tablet PC’s in the field is that it will be possible to acquire and embed the geographical location of the device, making it possible to track the field worker and monitor his/her site visits and job deliveries anywhere in Bahrain. And since the solution is integrated with the SmartTrack application platform, it means that it can take full advantage of all the reporting features available on SmartTrack, including the historical records showing the detailed recorded movements and site visits of each field crew. In addition to that the Smart Phone/Tablet technology makes it possible to acquire digital photographs (taken by the Tablet PC’s internal camera) in the job record, thus providing more accurate details on the field job based on data collected.

Once data entry forms are completed with the SmartTrack Hand-held system, there is no need to return to the office. Using the handheld’s embedded wireless communication; the collected/entered data from the site can be instantly transferred and uploaded into the Client’s RDBS back in the office, using secure online web integration data technologies. This way, supervisors can have an immediate access to all field data collected from the various customer site visits instantly, allowing them to decide on the best course of action, assign tasks to field workers to resolve issues, and track the status of each task from the start of the job through to completion. And all of this will be done with a clear and detailed digital map of Bahrain used in the application.