SmartNav (In-car GPS Navigator)

This system can be supplied either as a stand-alone in-car navigator or, as combined system with SmartTrack AVL. The navigator model used is from GARMIN International. The biggest advantage in using a GARMIN navigator solution from STS is that we supply the GARMIN device with STS map data (under license from GARMIN). The map data from STS is more updated and accurate than any other commercial source data available in the market. Moreover, STS can add to the map data any specific data points needed by the client. This product is particularly suited for clients with critical delivery operations seeking to have a navigator with more updated maps for Bahrain (e.g. clients dealing with emergency & maintenance operations, delivery services and taxi companies).

garmin-update-1-300x220 SmartNav (In-car GPS Navigator)
Main advantages of SmartNav (stand-alone system)
  • Solution based on proven SmartTrack fleet tracking technology.
  • Simple and straight forward.
  • Lower initial and operational cost.
garmin-update-1-300x220 SmartNav (In-car GPS Navigator)
Main disadvantages of SmartNav:
  • No communication between the control room tracking application system and the in-car navigation system (it is not an automated dispatch)
  • Driver must input the destination address manually (via the input keyboard).
  • Driver cannot communicate from the display device directly with the control room (i.e. cannot sent and receive text messages or pre-set commands).