SmartTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking System

SmartTrack GPS vehicle Tracking is the flagship telematics product offered by STS. SmartTrack is a complete web-based vehicle tracking and fleet management solution, which comes with a wide array of standard and optional features to suite every customer needs. SmartTrack GPS vehicle tracking and Management system is built around proven hardware and software technologies from leading H&S technology providers in the world including Microsoft (for the back-end server), ESRI GIS for the mapping software, and leading GPS hardware suppliers.

img4 SmartTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking System
The main components of SmartTrack
  • Vehicle-mounted tracking unit (VTU): a black box integrating a GPS engine with a GSM/GPRS modem (installed by STS technicians in the vehicle).
  • SmartTrack Application: a web-based application that offers the users the ability to track their vehicles live, and to obtain historical reports giving details of their vehicles movements and status at any given time.
  • GIS Map database: The data is compiled and updated in-house by STS GIS specialists. The GIS engine used is the latest software from the leading GIS software provider ESRI (Arc GIS Server).
  • SmartTrack Hosting platform: This is where the tracking application is resided. In our case it is hosted with AMAZON cloud.
img4 SmartTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking System
SmartTrack Standard Features
  • Web-based Enabled.
  • Real-Time monitoring of fleet vehicles (live vehicle tracking).
  • Centralized Fleet Database with multiple reports.
  • Secure User Access.
  • Clear, colorful, up-to-date and detailed road maps produced in-house and used exclusively for SmartTrack.
  • Road map data regularly updated.
  • Records Historical Data (multiple years).
  • Generates detailed vehicle/fleet statistical reports including the following:
  • Position activity report.
  • Speed violation (shows violations according to road speed limit).
  • Stoppage periods, idle periods, and engine ignition off.
  • Geo-fencing (by drawing polygon, entering address or by block).
  • Trip report.
  • Alarms and notifications (e.g. Site arrival and departure, vehicle service due time, car registration, and driver license expiry).
  • Automated email report notifications to preset user email accounts.
  • Daily, weekly & monthly summary reports.
  • View the vehicles in many different icons and shapes (car , bus , truck , etc…).
  • Track your vehicles on Smart Phones or Tablet PCs.
img4 SmartTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking System
Additional Hardware & Software Features (on request)
  • Vehicle Fuel consumption.
  • Vehicle immobilizer by SMS.
  • Temperature sensor.
  • Open/close door sensor.
  • Seat built indicator sensor.
  • Delivery notification button.
  • Emergency/panic button.
  • Integrate with users DBMS and ERM (on request).
  • Other vehicle monitoring parameters and customized reports by request.