STS provides several unique and important advantages over its competitors, mainly through the following:

  1. Unique Map Data: The map data is produced and updated in-house by STS as a geographical database, and contains full street address details (i.e. building no, road name/no’s and block numbers). This feature is important for producing accurate location-based records for your fleet movements (especially important for customer delivery and emergency vehicles). STS map data is more comprehensive and updated than any other “commercial” map data available in the market.
  2. In-house Application Development: The complete system is developed and maintained by STS specialists in Bahrain; making it possible for us to respond to customers’ specific needs much faster.
  3. Dedicated Help desk: We have a dedicated customer support unit to provide after sales support, and to respond to any technical complaints in a professional and timely manner.
  4. Customers’ Feedback: STS continuously enhances its products and services from customers’ feedbacks.
  5. Introducing Latest Technologies: STS keeps pace with the latest developments in the telematics field (both hardware and software), and adopts the latest products that suits the local market needs.

Our Hosting Platform

STS has a long experience with managing and hosting of its SmartTrack platform, and following a comprehensive techno economical evaluation, STS opted to outsource the hosting to a dedicated hosting service provider having international exposure. With the advent and maturity of “cloud computing” services, STS has moved its SmartTrack platform to Amazon Cloud, strengthening the hosting infrastructure backbone even further.

The new infrastructure created through Amazon (IAAS) is elaborate and has built in all the necessary elements for reliability, availability, load’s balancing, scalability, redundancy, security and disaster recovery. It is important to note that STS has full control over the network infrastructure, covering the allocation of both hardware and software applications (including the GIS software).

Customer Service

Our customer service is here to provide immediate assistance by responding to all your queries. All complaints and issues received from customers (through email) are logged for further review and analysis. Our staff cares about the little things that make a difference to your experience with us. We strive to listen and learn from our customers’ feedback.